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Welcome to NotaViva.comTM. We are currently expanding our catalog of downloadable sheet music and live recordings. During this content acquisition period, we are pleased to offer you a sample of our work at no cost. All works are in Adobe .pdf format.

Selections such as Beethoven's Für Elise may be found in the performance section, while educational works such as Level I Piano Major Scale Studies may be found in the methods section.

In an effort to promote knowledge of music theory, information, and history, we are constantly expanding our library of articles. For example, from Czerny's Letters on the Art of Playing the Piano, Letter IV:

"But do not neglect to still continue practising, with equal or even greater zeal, the finger exercises, and especially the scales in all the keys" more

A deeper understanding and appreciation of music is attainable through knowledge of the various physical phenomenon which surround it. From the article "What is Sound?":

"Frequency is defined as the rate of air pressure fluctuation, and is measured in Hertz (Hz), or cycles per second" more

We hope you enjoy your stay at NotaViva.comTM, and we welcome your comments. Please email us and let us know how we may better serve your needs.

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