Backstage - the mysterious hidden realm of producers, designers, and technicians, the people who bring an experience to life. Whether it be a fine wine or a live music festival, the amount of passionate behind-the-scenes effort by the production crew required to craft a superb product or experience is so often underestimated and misunderstood.

Since purchasing the raw land upon which Notaviva Vineyards would be born in 2003, husband and wife co-founders Stephen and Shannon Mackey have openly shared their hopes and dreams as well as their failures and successes with our visitors. The Mackeys were featured during the eight-episode 2008 HGTV television series "Dream House" depicting the challenges of founding a vineyard, building a home and tasting room and raising a family - concurrently. This spirit of authenticity, craftsmanship, hospitality and the American Dream permeates every aspect of the Notaviva brand experience.

It is our sincere hope that each of your visits to Notaviva will elevate your knowledge of wine, how it can be paired with various genres of music, and the success of the Loudoun and Virginia wine industries. And perhaps, if you open your mind and listen to your heart, you just may learn something about yourself as well...

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